With more than 100 years of trading behind us, Hanson Salt is one of the longest-established salt suppliers in the UK, with a reputation for low prices, quality and fast delivery of British-mined salt.

Hanson Salt offers:

  • Water softener salt
  • Food grade salt
  • Industrial and chemical salts
  • Agricultural salts
  • Dishwasher salts

Our products include:

  • Salt tablets
  • Granular salt
  • Pure dried vacuum salt (PDV)
  • Undried vacuum salt (UV)
  • Block salt
  • De-icing salt
  • Industrial grade salt (PDV)

You can order Hanson’s water softener salt and other products online with a few clicks. Our website products section includes full specification and delivery details and our customer service team is on hand during office hours to help with your order or answer queries. You can speak to them on 0844 770 9570 or email [email protected] for a call back.

Reliable And Fast Salt Delivery

Hanson Salt is an established, ISO accredited British supplier of water softener salt, food grade and industrial grade salts to manufacturers across Europe.

Our water softener salt and other products are delivered in bulk, in IBCs and bagged on pallets, while our food grade pure dried vacuum salt can be delivered bagged or via pneumatic discharge from a tanker.

Hanson’s rock salt is delivered bagged, in IBC or via bulk offload. See our transportation page for more information on delivery.

Buy Water Softener Salt Online

Hanson Salt food-grade water softener salt, granular salt, pure dried vacuum salt, salt blocks and tablets and undried vacuum salt are all available to buy online at very competitive prices and with speedy delivery.

If you have any queries at any time about water softener salt or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.