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Restaurants, cafes, bistros, pubs and bars can save time and money by installing a water softener unit in their business. Around 60% of businesses in the UK receive a hard water supply. While hard water is harmless for consumption, it can be deadly to equipment and can even bump your detergent bill.

The effects of hard waterHard water is so-named because it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium – so high that residues from these substances are often visible to the naked eye, making clean kitchens look dull and grubby with streaks, and making wine glasses and tumblers white and difficult to clean. Because the presence of hard water deposits suppresses the effects of detergents, nothing ever seems clean.

Calcium and magnesium deposits collect as scale in white goods – namely, your dishwasher and glasswasher – causing inefficient cleaning, breakdowns and ultimately shortening equipment life. It doesn’t stop here either – these scale deposits can cause your hot water system to clog up, boosting your heating and repair and maintenance bills.

How a water softener can helpThe water softener unit contains a resin filter to clean the supply of deposits. This filter is cleaned regularly with a strong brine solution, made from pure, food-grade salt available in granules, tablets or blocks.

Once the scale-causing substances are removed from the water supply, detergents will start producing suds more freely, and a final rinse will leave glasses sparkling. It might be that softened water will help you cut your detergent bill because you need to use less. Your kitchen will always look clean and you will have more peace of mind that scale deposits are not clogging up your hot water pipes.A water softener unit is a sensible investment for a small business. There are many business-compatible units available, with suitable water softening salt tablets, granules or blocks available to buy cheaply online.