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Thanks to the recent cold weather, there has been a lot of advice published in the media about how to safely de-ice garden paths and driveways.

Some sources are suggesting that it is safe and effective to use table of dishwasher salt to melt ice and stop it reforming.

Dishwasher salt, a water softener salt, is a fine-grained product which negates the build-up of mineral deposits in dishwashing equipment and helps detergent clean dirty dishes.

Salt is an excellent natural de-icer; when it is deposited, moisture activates a chemical reaction that melts ice and prevents it taking a grip on surfaces again during temperatures down to -9 degrees Celsius (15.8F).

However, table and dishwasher salt have been purified – they are high quality food grade products, intended for human consumption and culinary items.

Barry Dearing, a director at Hanson Salt and sister company Icethaw, said: “The purification process makes them more expensive per kilo so we would only recommend people use a water softening salt in an emergency.

“The best advice we can give is to be prepared and stock up on all the different types of salt you might need in the winter. Dishwasher salt will come in handy with all the plates to be washed over the Christmas period, while bags of traditional brown rock salt and white rock salt are a more cost effective way of keeping your driveway ice-free.”